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Where can you find Product Sources for your Small Business?

If you are planning to start an e-commerce business or want to create new revenue streams by selling products that complement what your business offers, you need to have access to wholesalers. You may use your own e-commerce web site or get active on auction sites such as Ebay. In either case, the key is to have access to reliable and professional product sources which will not break your small business budget.

The best order fulfillment method for a small business is dropshipping. This is a great option because as the seller, you will not need to keep any inventory. You will sell the products at retail on your e-commerce web site or auction web site. Once you get an order, you will inform your wholesaler, who will ship the products directly to your customer. The wholesaler will then charge you for the products at wholesale. The difference between the wholesale cost and the retail price less dropshipping fees, if any, will be your profit. Most of the dropshipping wholsalers will also offer blind dropshipping, which means all packaging and documentation that your customer receives will include your name. Your customer will not know about the source of the product and your business will be the entity that handles the overall transaction.

Although it is a low cost and easy to manage order fulfillment option, dropshipping may also be risky if you happen to work with the wrong wholesaler. Your reputation is a critical aspect in developing your business. Timely and accurate product delivery, quality of products and satisfactory customer service are essential in establishing this reputation. In a market, where you probably will have to deal with a lot of competition, you cannot upset your customers, because you can easily loose them in case they are not satisfied. When you use dropshipping your product delivery totally depends on the wholesaler, so you should be very diligent in your selection.

The good news is that is an amazing resource that will help you in choosing the right wholesale partner. There you can have access to The Whole $ale & Product Sourcing Tool, which will enable you to search for wholesale dropshippers that can deliver the products your want to sell. All of the companies available in their database are reputable and reliable suppliers that are analyzed by experts at Worldwide Brands. They continuously add new suppliers and keep the database fresh.

Besides dropship wholesalers, The Whole $ale & Product Sourcing Tool also features light bulk, liquidation and import wholesalers and provides search capabilities so you can effectively reach the suppliers you need.

Worldwide Brands is not only about products sourcing. When you visit, you can find a wealth of information about starting and growing your e-business. The extensive library of articles, e-books and multimedia content developed by seasoned and hands-on e-commerce professionals at Worldwide Brands, is an impressive resource for learning where to start, how to find products and how to sell them efficiently and profitably.

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