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Hakan Sinar is the chief executive of Synarcon, a digital marketing agency based in Long Island, New York. His company provides ecommerce, web development and inbound marketing services to businesses that want to grow.
Word of Mouth Marketing
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Your Brand Can Thrive Using Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth is a major factor in people’s buying decisions. Businesses may spend millions on advertising, but nothing will probably beat the effectiveness of a recommendation from a trusted source. So many times, small business owners will tell you that they rely mostly on word of mouth and referral business and that they don’t spend much on regular marketing activities.That is why it is essential to make sure that you understand how you can motivate your customers so they share the experience they have with your products or services.
Website Security
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A Website Security Solution for Small Businesses

Based on a PwC survey, in 2014 cyber security incidents increased by 48% over 2013. Like all others, your website is also vulnerable. In this article, we have reviewed a website security solution, which can help small businesses that don't have in house expertise for managing website security. It is also cost effective.
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Weekly Roundup

Hopefully new year is treating you well so far and keeping you busy. Assuming busy means having more…