Word of Mouth Marketing

Your Brand Can Thrive Using Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth is a major factor in people’s buying decisions. Businesses may spend millions on advertising, but nothing will probably beat the effectiveness of a recommendation from a trusted source. So many times, small business owners will tell you that they rely mostly on word of mouth and referral business and that they don’t spend much on regular marketing activities.That is why it is essential to make sure that you understand how you can motivate your customers so they share the experience they have with your products or services.

People mostly start searching online for products and services they want to buy. So, social media and online product reviews become significant word of mouth marketing tools that you should consider in your marketing strategy. You should encourage your customers spread the word about their positive experience through social media and via online reviews and testimonials.

At the same time, you should monitor online channels to be aware of the negative sentiment towards your brand, so you can get the chance to respond and fix the issues that cause dissatisfaction among your customers. By fixing their problems, you can turn your unhappy customers into satisfied brand advocates who will help you with your word of mouth marketing efforts.

Below we have an infographic that summarizes the importance of word of mouth marketing and how you can use it to build and grow your brand.

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How to Build Your Brand Through Customers

Via Salesforce

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