Weekly Roundup

Hopefully new year is treating you well so far and keeping you busy. Assuming busy means having more business. This week we have a roundup that covers multiple subjects rather than focusing on a single one.

  • 5 Lead-Generating B2B Website TrendsSocialMediaToday
    If you would like to find out about website trends that will increase engagement and leads, and see how some brands utilize these trends, we suggest you read this article.

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Social Media, Content Marketing and Email Marketing

The marketing landscape for businesses small and large have changed. Content marketing, social media and email marketing are some of the new channels that have become more effective than traditional marketing. Small businesses that embrace this trend will be able to remain competitive and even outperform their competition if they do things right. And, here is a little help through some articles we have selected this week.
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Learn more about Social Media

Social media is a fresh and dynamic channel for marketers. Especially for small businesses, it is essential to learn more about this ever-changing platform to be able to use it successfully. You can start with the articles we picked for this week's roundup. One article is not about social media, but it is important, too.
Online Shopping
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Ecommerce Basics

We have been talking mostly about social media a lately. This is not unusual given its impact on both online and offline businesses. However, there are other fundamental topics that deserve attention by small businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why we have dedicated this week’s round up to e-commerce.