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Weekly Roundup – Nov. 22 ’21

This week’s roundup is all about customers. How do we attract them, retain them, give them the tools they need, understand their aspirations, interact and communicate with them…. 

7 Benefits of Using HubSpot’s New Customer Portal to Improve Your CX


WHAT IS A CUSTOMER PORTAL? In a nutshell, it’s an online location where customers can log in to check any information relating to their relationship with your company. Why Should You Have a Customer Portal? ALEJANDRA ZILAK says “The benefits of the customer portal are many. In addition to keeping your client base happy because they have access to their information whenever they want it, it also provides many advantages.” Let’s find out what they are…

The 4 Things You Need to Do to Get (and Keep) Ecommerce Customers


BUILDING REAL BONDS WITH YOUR CUSTOMER!  We need to attract new customers but retaining those customers is often just as important. ALP MIMAROGLU says; Take the time to make a personal connection with your customers. Make them feel heard, understood and — above all — remind them that they’re appreciated. 

How to market to the new post-pandemic customer


NEW POST PANDEMIC CUSTOMER! Do you think people and their core values and aspirations changed in 2020-2021? Read ELIZABETH ROSCOE’s interview with Brian Solis

Boost Your Social Content With This User-Generated Content Strategy


USER GENERATED CONTENT! It is the opposite of branded content, it comes from the people who aren’t affiliated with your company such as customers, social media followers, or even influencers. ANNA SONNENBERG says “User Generated Content may sound pretty simple but the benefits it provides are more impressive than you might think. “

How to Handle Crisis Communication in Your Business


CENTRALIZATION AND CLARITY OF COMMUNICATION Most communication during the pandemic focused on giving clarity around the business. TRISHNA PATNAIK says “Social media became the platform of choice for many companies to talk about their Covid policies.”

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