Roundup - January 3rd, 2022

Weekly Roundup – Jan. 3 ’22

Today is January 3rd, 2022, we are already in the New Year and it is time to talk about the future…. I am sure so far we don’t feel any changes. Covid is still here, there is inflation, supply chain issues still exist, etc. But we know that a lot of things have changed in the last two years. We also experienced that our predictions and expectations have failed because unprecedented things happened. But it is in our nature to have hopes and expectations and also to prepare ourselves for the changes that we think can happen.

This week’s roundup is about predictions on customer behaviors and expectations, convenience, privacy and the job market.

Ten Business Predictions For 2022 (Part One)


For the past ten years Shep Hyken has been sharing predictions and trends, mostly focused on customer service and customer experience. He says  “Many of us were forced to change the way we do business. I don’t believe anything completely new was invented. However, we were forced to use, change and adapt to existing technologies and business processes faster than we’ve ever had to in the past.”

Ten Business Predictions For 2022 (Part Two) 


For the past ten years Shep Hyken has been sharing predictions and trends, mostly focused on customer service and customer experience. This is 2022’s business predictions part two.

22 predictions for 2022


If you have never read The Hustle’s newsletters, you can make a New Year resolution and start reading them! They are interesting and fun to read. I start my day reading their newsletters and learn something new everyday! The Hustle outsourced their 2022 predictions and picked the 22 interesting ones for you.

Small-Business Outlook: 6 Predictions for 2022


When we left 2021 behind, it is great to know entrepreneurship grew at a record pace. Kelsey Sheehy says “Small-business owners looked to 2021 as a chance to rebound and rebuild from nearly a year of coronavirus-induced losses. Instead, many were dealt repeated blows with supply chain backups, unfilled “hiring” signs and renewed restrictions and mandates.

The year wasn’t a complete bust, though. Entrepreneurship grew at a record pace in 2021, with more than 4.6 million applications for new businesses filed through October 2021, according to business formation statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.”


It is the year 2022 and your employees want more work-life balance, human connection, personal development…Kristin Matsumoto says “For a small business, even just one employee quitting for better opportunities can throw everything off balance. You need to make sure you are taking care of your employees so their needs are met and the work culture stays positive.”

While you are taking care of your employees you also need to think of what your customers want too. 

Here are the five employee and five customer service experience trends for 2022.

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