Weekly Roundup – Dec. 6 ’21

If you are at a party or an event for networking or to be recognized, you will not sit at your corner and wait for people to approach you! You will not hide behind the curtains… You will walk around, smile, say hi, let people see you, recognize you and eventually start a conversation with them. Because you know; after they start talking with you, they will have more interest in knowing you. 

When it comes to your business, your company, your products or services, you want the same! You want your customers and other businesses to show interest in knowing you… How can you do that successfully? You should be visible to them.(period)

This week we will talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When it is done well; it is efficient, it is powerful and it is rewarding…. 

Stand Out From the Crowd With Cost-Effective SEO


POWER OF SEO (Search Engine Optimization): In a world where you can’t live without digital marketing, it is important to understand the power of SEO and the importance of investing in it. But you need to be patient! Jessica Wong says that “SEO is a long-term strategy; even if your organization is dedicating considerable time and effort to the process, results will not happen overnight.”

SEO Analytics: The Simple Step-By-Step Guide


I LOVE NUMBERS! If you are like me, I am sure you will enjoy collecting and analyzing your SEO efforts. Kayle Larkin says All marketers will benefit from the information gained in SEO analysis because data eliminates much of the guesswork for developing goals and strategies.

Here are just a handful of questions SEO analytics can answer:

  • Which marketing efforts bring in the most valuable traffic?
  • What content do users engage with the most?
  • Where do my best customers come from?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • How do I get more backlinks?
  • Where are we losing money?
  • How do we increase sales?

Introducing SEO Story Ideas: Your New Favorite Content Strategy Tool


KEYWORD STUFFING No, you can’t eat it!! 🙂 If you think listing so many related or random words will make your SEO successful, think twice! Kristen Poli says “In 2021, SEO is most powerful when used to give insight into your audience. The questions they’re asking. The topics they’re researching. SEO insights should spark your ideation—providing the creative constraints to inspire your team and spark story ideas that answer your audience’s biggest questions. When we examined our most successful and sophisticated customers, this was the approach they took.”

Why should I budget for SEO?


SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY! Did I mention that SEO is very important for your company? Yes, I did! But see what Victorious says “SEO has a five percent conversion rate – significantly higher than email (3.9 percent), paid search (3.6 percent), or social media (1.9 percent). That’s an ROI you can’t ignore!”

How to Write SEO Content


Ryan Conway lists the following steps to learn how to write an article using Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Outline your article
  2. What content do users engage with the most?
  3. Make a list of key phrases and keywords for your article
  4. Write your article
  5. Include hyperlinks in the article
  6. Build links to your article
  7. Make it easy to share the content

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