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Weekly Roundup – Dec. 27 ’21

FAROL in Portuguese means a lighthouse. The lighthouses remind me of your businesses/websites on the internet. The sailors in this case are “the consumers” and the internet is the ocean. The consumers are searching for whatever they are searching for, and they are overwhelmed with so much information; ads, commercials, pages full of search results; similar to sailors who fight with rough seas and weather conditions when they are trying to find the land. Then when they see a lighthouse, they know that they are getting close to their destination.

If you are inspired to transform your website to a Farol that can be found easily online and give your consumers the best possible experience, your business/website should provide the following:

  • Instant information
  • Clear content
  • An attractive and interesting user experience 
  • Easy navigation and user friendliness
  • Functionality and tools that your customers would need
  • Channels to communicate and get support

This week’s roundup is not only about how to create a remarkable website but also about small business ideas in case you are still searching for them….

A Guide to Successful Ecommerce Website Development


E-COMMERCE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Building e-commerce websites is different from building other websites. In this article, Marc Berman says “Before anything else, you need a plan. Start by determining which products or services you’ll be offering. Then, use that information to determine your target audience. Understanding your target audience is crucial to all aspects of your eCommerce website, from design to marketing. You may find it helpful to create one or two buyer personas to help further target your efforts.

7 Key Practices Web Teams Use for Successful User Experiences


USER FRIENDLY: I think one of the first questions that we need to ask about our website is “Is my website user friendly?”

Danni White says “It’s easy to become obsessed with aesthetics when designing or redesigning a website. What color looks best? Where should the logo appear? How about an animated GIF in the middle of the page?
It is important to remember that your website is not simply a pretty face in a world with more than 1.8 billion sites that people can potentially land on.”



LET THE PICTURES SPEAK: First things first; the pictures on your website should be eye-catching and interesting. You should engage your audience with beautiful colors, interesting, clear and memorable images. They also need to be updated.

Lindsay Thompson says “It’s also important to remember that websites are not fine wine — they do not get better with age. Keep your work current (within the last 2-3 years if possible) and try to regularly update by adding new work or removing older work. Your site should feel fresh and current, not like it’s been sitting, collecting dust.”

The Future of Web Design: What Can We Predict?


EVERCHANGING TECHNOLOGY: Technology changes rapidly. In the future, we definitely will see the effects of technological changes on websites, but these changes will not be limited with technology. There are so many other factors.

Deanna Ritchie says  “If you’ve spent any time as a webmaster or a business owner with an important website, you know how hard it is to keep up with the latest web design trends. This is because web design principles change so quickly — and in such unexpected directions. But if you want to stay relevant and provide your users with the best possible experience, monitoring these trends is the price you have to pay.”

Small Business Ideas for Beginners


BUSINESS IDEAS: If you are dreaming of starting a new business looking for ideas to expand your business in different directions Michael Guta gives you 40 different ideas and he says “There are 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. and growing, leading to more new business owners turning up every day. They are a great way to get in on the entrepreneur spirit, earn money and even build wealth in many cases. In short, new business ideas are not something we can run out of anytime soon. But how do you find the right small business idea?
If you are looking for inspiration to start your own small business, take a look at these 40 great business ideas for beginners.”

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