Weekly Roundup – Dec. 20 ’21

In order to understand your customers you need to put yourself in their shoes. If you don’t think like they think, or feel like they feel, it is hard to connect with them. It is not enough to know your customers’ demographics such as annual income or gender. You also need to know if they like to read, if they read blogs or newsletters. Which social media platforms do they spend their time at? What do they expect from their vendors? What are their values, interests or hobbies? And the list goes on and on…Now, close your eyes and start roleplaying. But wait… first read the articles that we picked for this week’s roundup. They may give you some clues…

How to Attract Potential Customers With Content Marketing Through the Lens of The Wizard Of Oz


THE WIZARD OF OZ:  In this article, Lee Baggesen-Jensen talks about attracting customers and creating meaningful relationships with them by giving examples from the Wizard of Oz. He says “Wizard of Oz provides an excellent analogy for a stellar marketing strategy. Follow along our yellow brick road of tips to learn how a brain, a heart and a healthy serving of courage are all required to reach your marketing goals.”

How to Craft the Ideal Tagline For Your Brand


TAGLINES: I don’t know you but I believe in the power of taglines. When I first heard of Nike’s “Just do it!” I loved it!!! It is so simple but it has so much power. Now, I apply “Just do it” to everything in my life. I “just” wake up and start my day with exercise and yoga; I “just” work and finish what I planned for that day before the end of my day; I “just” cook healthy and nutritious food; I “just” pay my bills on time, I “just” call my family and friends to check on them, and the list goes “just” like that….. But here we want to talk about the importance of taglines in business. 

DeJuan Wright says “A good tagline can lead to a consumer making a purchase. While a great tagline can lead to a brand remaining top-of-mind to consumers in its respective category – which is like a grand slam for just about every advertisement that’s ever been created. Now that we’re on the same page on the importance of taglines. Here’s four approaches that you can take that will surely help you craft the ideal tagline for your brand.

  • The product-as-hero approach
  • The call-to-action approach
  • The abstract approach
  • The proclamation approach

What Is Gated Content: Lead Gen Hero or Marketing Villain


GATED CONTENT: To use or not to use! I am sure many of you visited a website and were immediately required to give your contact details or asked to answer a few questions. Sometimes you don’t mind doing it but sometimes it is a big turn-off and you go back to your search results where you can access the information that you are looking for instantly without giving your contacts. Gated Content is important for businesses to generate leads but at what stage you should have the gated content?

Jakub Zielinski says “Gated content is a popular marketing tool for lead generation, especially in the B2B sector. But deciding whether to use it is not straightforward. There is often confusion around what gated content is exactly and which content should be gated. There are also some tricky pros and cons for you to contend with.”

Social Media Demographics by Platform

Practical Ecommerce

SOCIAL MEDIA DEMOGRAPHICS: Carolyn Mara put together the critical audience demographics for the leading social platforms. She says  “For each platform, I’ve focused on four metrics: the number of users and their age, gender, and session duration. Comparing data across multiple sources is always tricky owing to collection methodology and timeframes. Nonetheless, what follows will hopefully assist in identifying the best options for your business.”

The One Thing Ecommerce Success Stories Have in Common


KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE: Not an easy challenge! You have to be patient, ask the right questions, spend enough time to know them, show them how well you understand them and how much you care…

Tomer Hen says “Do you recall your first date… the time you invested in getting to know someone — likes, dislikes, interests, pets, siblings, favorite memories and of course favorite color? You wanted that date to be memorable, so perhaps you took the time — before or during — to ferret out these details and apply some of them to the experience. We want our partners to feel understood, known, heard and valued, and when they feel they mean something to you, they invest back in you.”

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