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Weekly Roundup – Dec. 13 ’21

If you are a surfer and you want to catch the perfect wave, you need to know the storm which is happening miles and miles away that will bring you the perfect wave in the coming days. 2022 is around the corner! Lots of things have changed in 2021. Maybe you adapted your company, your marketing strategies and your products to these changes, maybe not, but if you didn’t, it will be more difficult to learn and change and you may miss the perfect wave! On this week’s round-up we want to show you how you can successfully surf the social media waves… 

Upgrade Your Facebook Marketing Strategy for 2022

Social Media Examiner

FACEBOOK:  I am sure you are aware of how quickly Facebook has changed. Now you can create short-form videos for Facebook Reels, compose stories, source and share User-Generated Content, etc. But if you want to increase your revenue from Facebook; 

Anna Sonnenberg says “Host a paid online event with Facebook Live. Once you master the art of hosting Facebook Live events or live streaming via third-party webinar tools, consider taking advantage of Facebook’s newest monetization option. Facebook now allows creators to host paid online events so you can recoup some of the expenses from your hard work.”

How to Develop an Instagram Strategy That Works

Social Media Examiner

INSTAGRAM: I believe Instagram is one of the most powerful social media tools that you can use to reach out to your customers and get instant feedback. But you should be mindful about your posts and also develop an Instagram strategy for your business. MICHAEL STELZNER says “Often, if someone says they post consistently on Instagram but aren’t seeing any results, they didn’t spend enough time reviewing their goals or setting up a roadmap for how to reach those goals before they started posting content.  

8 Twitter Marketing Features for Business

Social Media Examiner

TWITTER: I love Twitter! It is one platform where I can spend hours and never get bored. I find interesting, up to date content, can follow as many people as I want and share as many posts as I want… But Twitter is more than that.. Anna Sonnenberg says “Whether you want to monetize your presence on Twitter or build a stronger community around your business, you have a long list of new features and tools to incorporate into your plan for 2022.”

The 3rd Era of Social Is Coming. Are You Ready?


TIKTOK: If we are talking about social media, we can’t skip without talking about TIKTOK! Joe Lazauskas says “Those of us in media and marketing can’t afford to ignore TikTok any longer. Does this mean we should throw our entire content strategy out the window and go all in on TikTok? Hell no. It’s still only one piece of the pie. As our research showed earlier this year, people will continue to consume content in an array of different formats—from blog posts to YouTube to podcasts to good old-fashioned memes.”

The Power of YouTube-Based Marketing

Core and More Technologies

YOUTUBE: If you want to promote your business, your products or services; the possibilities are endless with Youtube! Top of it, YouTube is owned by Google, and just like Google, is a search engine. ANDREW YOUNG says “This means your YouTube videos are best optimized by using an SEO-strategy. Organically, SEO is the first step to growing your channel. Some tools to help you with your optimization include Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy. When you optimize your videos correctly and create valuable content, you can easily grow a following and collect viable leads.”

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