Tips for Better Social Media Posts

Noticed that our earlier roundups all talk about social media? It sounds like online marketing for small businesses revolves around it. Obviously, it it not the only thing, but it has definitely a great impact, so utilizing it effectively and finding ways to stand out in the social media crowd is crucial for small business success. Here is a small selection of articles from the past week that offer great insights for achieving that.

  • How to Use the Psychology of Colors When MarketingSmall Business Trends
    Colors play a significant role in communicating our messages with our audiences. This article will help you with creating more powerful content for your websites, emails, and social media posts.

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Email Marketing Best Practices

I took part in an email marketing seminar this week, where we talked about best practices. We got the chance to interact with small businesses, learn about their challenges about email marketing and answered their questions. Inspired by this, this week's roundup is dedicated to email marketing.