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New Year’s Resolution – Renew Your Website

Your website is your home! You not only want to feel comfortable living in your home but you also want your family, your guests to feel comfortable too. You start paying attention to how your home looks from the outside and also design and decorate inside your home in a way that represents you. 

Once, one of my friends told me that my home is “tranquil”. It was one of the best compliments that I got about my home. Create a website that represents you as well as give your customers what they are looking for and let them have a pleasant experience.

It is the beginning of the new year and we all make new year resolutions. How about making your new year resolution to review and renew your website? Here are some ideas that may benefit you from color selection to the pros and cons of custom website design. 

How to Choose a Color for Your Website

Website Builder Expert

There are so many things on your website that attract or bore your customers! Your color choices are one of them.

Duncan Lambden says “You might think that you aren’t affected by colors, but you’d be surprised to see the difference that color selection can make to a company’s bottom line. In fact, 85% of people claimed that color has a major influence on what they buy.”

The 5 Best SaaS Website Examples


Software as a Service (SaaS) could be an easier and more cost effective alternative for businesses to design their websites but they need to see clearly what makes SaaS better than a custom designed website.

Alejandra Zilak says “SaaS purchasing decisions aren’t simply transactional. Your clients are spending significant amounts of time comparing what you have to offer with what competitors are doing. So it’s crucial to identify what makes you the better option and highlight it every step of the way of the buyer’s journey.”

Custom Website Design vs Template: Pros and Cons + How to Decide Which One Fits Your Business


Your customers have so many expectations when they visit your website. You want to give them what exactly they are looking for as quickly as possible and as detailed as they want.  Alejandra Zilak gives you the pros and cons of custom website designs vs templates. 

15 Best Website Builders for Small Business


Michal Leszczynsk says “Let’s face it, small businesses can’t get by without a website anymore. Even before the pandemic in 2019, 70-80% of people were researching companies online before visiting or buying from them. Just imagine how many customers you could be losing, if you don’t own a website in 2021.
But we understand why so many small businesses are holding back. Building your own website used to be a daunting task, with endless decisions to make, coding to learn, designs to coordinate, and more. 
But not anymore!”

Let’s see which 15 companies are on the list!

Jeff Bullas

How many times did you search for something in Google and click on “Images” to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for? Or you have no idea about the thing that you are looking for so you want to see what it looks like and you click on “Images” again… I can give you more examples why we click on “Images” that often but Jeff Bullas explains it very well why it is time for you to optimize your eCommerce site for visual search to increase your sales, boost revenue, and grow your customer list.

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