Google Data Analytics

Google Data Analytics

Collecting data from multiple sources, sorting the data in order to find the meaningful ones, putting the meaningful data on a spreadsheet, running reports and creating charts with your data…. sounds painful, right? When it comes to monitoring the traffic to your website and analyzing the data, Google Analytics makes it super easy and efficient for you. This week we will talk about using this super tool to maximize your benefits and customizing it for your business.

15 Ways to Customize Google Analytics

Blue Host

Google Analytics offers you tons of valuable information but you still need to customize it in order to get the most benefit for your business. Tiffani Anderson says “Google Analytics is constantly rolling out new features to improve user experience. When you notice a new option, play around with it to see if it’s something you can use.“

What is Google Analytics and Its Benefits

Engaio Digital

Engaio Digital says “A successful business is a fast-paced machine that reacts quickly to ever-changing factors, and web data can help you discover what is going on your website.”

6 Major Benefits of Google Analytics

Digital Vidya

Google Analytics will not only help you understand your visitors’ behaviors and expectations but also help you to make decisions for your business. Digital Vidya says “Analytics can be applied to business data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance. And also for predictive analytics,  enterprise decision management, retail analytics, stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion management, predictive credit risk analysis measures.”

The Future of Analytics: 10 Key Benefits of Google Analytics 4

Scandi Web

Google Analytics will help you answer these questions: Are you building customer loyalty? Does your marketing campaign bring you revenue?

Katherine Laparan says “It’s now easier than ever to zoom in on customer behavior and get insights on where marketers should direct more attention or change their strategy. The acquisition and engagement reports could tell you which of your awareness campaigns or paid ads, for example, are working and which types of content bring the most value to your users—or the reverse.”

Google Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

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If you still have questions about Google Analytics, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions in this article.

  • Is there any way to simplify reports with a summary?
  • I struggle to check all my analytics every day, is there a way to fix this?
  • How can I share what I’m seeing in Google Analytics?
  • What is keyword (not provided)?
  • What reports should I use?
  • If I have Google Ads conversion tracking do I need Google Analytics?
  • What is “First Click” and “Last Click” attribution?

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