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The Basics of Promoting Your Personal Brand with Social Media Marketing

Everything you share, comment on, like, retweet or pin says many a things about you. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse while establishing yourself as a credible resource in any specific industry. So when it comes to building a personal brand with social media, you will have to take care of the point that your every public online activity can either make or break your brand identity. But how do you build a successful personal brand using social media? Here is what experts in the field have to say.

Using Facebook

You can start using your Facebook account as a stepping stone to establish brands identity. To achieve that consider publishing useful links and content that pertain to your industry. If you want to prove your expertise in your field, then try leveraging from your favorite industry blogs. Stay active (and interactive) by discussing what you think about your content. You might also want to create a brand page to promote your products. Plus, find or open a Facebook group where you can join like-minded people. They can share some valuable tips on your industry.

Use Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic social channels that allow you to share thoughts, blogs, and interesting tidbits without annoying others. While using Twitter for promoting your brand, you might want to prepare a list of users that you admire and like the type of contents they share. Make sure that you tweet out articles pertaining to your industry, including your own insights. Don’t forget to add your thoughts and opinions within the 140 characters available. Also, consider participating in Twitter Chats regularly to build your personal brand. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time. But the end result is always sweet.


It can be a home base for your personal brand building. It is just the place where you can publish industry articles pertaining to your niche market; actively participate in discussions with professionals. You can also leave your comments on other people post. However, LinkedIn also offers the opportunity to get recommendations and endorsements from others. These recommendations and promotions can help people form an idea on your skill set and capabilities. LinkedIn is not exclusively meant for job hunters, as it is usually perceived and can be an extremely useful tool for building your personal brand online.

Some More Important Things To Note

While you work on building your personal brand, make sure you follow these best practices to get the most out of your efforts.

  • Remember that nobody likes braggarts or people who share things way too much. So, do everything in a moderate level.
  • Just like any other brand, your personal brand can also get outdated. To maintain consistency, it is important to update and maintain your brand, both online and offline. Remember, having an account is not everything about maintaining a web presence. Engagement is the key thing here.
  • Share your brand with other connections. Make new friends and stay in touch with them. Share your business cards as well as e-mail addresses.

Lastly, you should remember that there is no comprehensive guide to promote your brand online- the above suggestions can simply give you a hint to get started.

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